How building glass cleaning is planned and executed by the best agency in Bangalore. Take a look.

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If you can manage a birds-eye view of Bangalore city, you can see there are thousands of high rises touching the sky. Some are newly built while the rest are for years. The Silicon Valley of India is now home to some of the top corporates in the world, and their office spaces have to be in such luxury buildings.

Now we often discuss the architectural pattern of such buildings, the safety measures during fire and earthquake but have you ever asked how the people who are often seen hanging above the walls of the building clean the glass windows? One of the top building glass cleaning services in Bangalore. will tell you in brief how their people manage to complete the task of cleaning.

The style and execution of cleaning has few steps such as

Check the weather condition

You may wonder how weather is related to cleaning glass windows, but there is a reason. A sunny day is never a perfect ambiance to clean exterior glass windows as the liquid cleaner may dry up just after applying. Due to this a cleaning team always prefer a cloudy overcast sky to do the work.

Assembling the necessary equipment-

The people before starting the work arrange everything needed for both exterior and interior cleanings like window cleaning kit or a janitorial cart. Especially for the high rises, the agencies use a deionized window washing kit that works as the optimum substitute to ladders or powered lifts. It also reduces the chance of major accidents.

Dry cleaning at first-

They dry clean the surface of the window with a soft brush or dust cloth to remove dirt. Then after using the liquid cleaner and water will make it an easy wash

Cleaning the glass windows

A window washing sleeve with a thin coat of solution is perfect for cleaning the glasses. Often the agency people use automatic window screen cleaning machine which works at lightning speed on any screen irrespective of its size.

Squeegeeing the glasses

The building glass cleaning services in Bangalore team then squeegee the glasses by keeping the blade wet with water. Now the process of squeegeeing has certain ways like a straight stroke, wiping the blade only with a lint-free cloth, and doing it until the bottom of the window.

Such kind of cleaning requires knowledge, experience, and a strong heart. The best cleaning agency in Bangalore has such a team that completes every contract successfully.

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