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How building glass cleaning is planned and executed by the best agency in Bangalore. Take a look.

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If you can manage a birds-eye view of Bangalore city, you can see there are thousands of high rises touching the sky. Some are newly built while the rest are for years. The Silicon Valley of India is now home to some of the top corporates in the world, and their office spaces have to be in such luxury buildings.

Now we often discuss the architectural pattern of such buildings, the safety measures during fire and earthquake but have you ever asked how the people who are often seen hanging above the walls of the building clean the glass windows? One of the top building glass cleaning services in Bangalore. will tell you in brief how their people manage to complete the task of cleaning.

The style and execution of cleaning has few steps such as

Check the weather condition

You may wonder how weather is related to cleaning glass windows, but there is a reason. A sunny day is never a perfect ambiance to clean exterior glass windows as the liquid cleaner may dry up just after applying. Due to this a cleaning team always prefer a cloudy overcast sky to do the work.

Assembling the necessary equipment-

The people before starting the work arrange everything needed for both exterior and interior cleanings like window cleaning kit or a janitorial cart. Especially for the high rises, the agencies use a deionized window washing kit that works as the optimum substitute to ladders or powered lifts. It also reduces the chance of major accidents.

Dry cleaning at first-

They dry clean the surface of the window with a soft brush or dust cloth to remove dirt. Then after using the liquid cleaner and water will make it an easy wash

Cleaning the glass windows

A window washing sleeve with a thin coat of solution is perfect for cleaning the glasses. Often the agency people use automatic window screen cleaning machine which works at lightning speed on any screen irrespective of its size.

Squeegeeing the glasses

The building glass cleaning services in Bangalore team then squeegee the glasses by keeping the blade wet with water. Now the process of squeegeeing has certain ways like a straight stroke, wiping the blade only with a lint-free cloth, and doing it until the bottom of the window.

Such kind of cleaning requires knowledge, experience, and a strong heart. The best cleaning agency in Bangalore has such a team that completes every contract successfully.

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Professional cleaning agencies vs. Local cleaning agencies. Who performs better?

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Have you recently shifted to Bangalore and also to your new apartment? If yes then this is a must read. A new city is always a stranger for you, and it takes time to get accustomed to it. But when in Bangalore you don’t need to worry about anything as the city has all kinds of services which you might need to set up your new life.

Have you heard of professional or apartment cleaning services in Bangalore? If not then know about it before you need them. The agencies cater to people in cleaning their apartment and make it a perfect place to stay. They are professional cleaners who make sure that you stay fit and healthy in a new city.

When do you exactly need them?

Are you done with your shifting process? Has the packers and movers delivered everything that you need? If yes, then it’s time to call the professional cleaners who will turn an empty house into a home. Their service is all about perfect cleaning from the bedroom to the kitchen to house painting.

The agencies have professional cleaners who have experience in making work better and faster. Suppose you have just two days left to organize your home before office starts, make sure you call them as they are efficient in time management with quality output.

We know that it is difficult to set up your new home in a new city as there are a lot of troubles, but the cleaning agencies make things easy for you. Once you sign the contract with them, it’s time for you to relax. The team will complete the work without any help from you, and you will have no reason to dislike the final output.

Why you should not depend on local cleaning agencies?

Only a low price for the service can make you hire a local cleaning agency. But what if that service has multiple flaws? The people working for them are amateurs who sometimes don’t know how to use the machinery which creates another hassle. Secondly time management is also a promise they make to clients, but eventually, a one day task can take up to two to three days.

But such catastrophe will never take place with professional cleaners of apartment cleaning services in Bangalore. They are a team who are trained to do such work. The service charge might shoot up a little, but the output is worth every penny you spend.

So always prefer a professional cleaning service as they have the following abilities in making your new home better.

.Professionals who are trained in the best manner
.Modern equipment which makes work faster and cleaning better and hygienic
.The most organized team who does all work in proper order.
.Great sense of time management which many lacks

.An affordable price that won’t shoot up your budget
.Unstoppable service even during weekends and holidays.
So before any other thought strikes, you give a call to the best professional cleaning services in Bangalore.

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The carpet cleaning services in Bangalore are the most workable, trustworthy and affordable agencies at work. Know how?

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The companies responsible for carpet cleaning services in Bangalore are good with their work and are even trustworthy to the customers. This concept is a new wing to the cleaning agencies, and people hire the services quite frequently. In this blog, we will tell you that why hiring a service like a carpet cleaning which is relatively new will benefit your home in a much better way?

The essence of having a carpet covering the entire floor is something that cannot get altered with any other style of home art decoration. It provides an aesthetic appeal to the room. There are many houses in Bangalore which has the floors covered with carpets of different varieties.

But remember carpet is not just to enhance the look of your room, but it serves another vital purpose, and that is to prevent the dust inside the room. All the new apartments are coming up near to the main road, and invariably the pollution is too much out there. A baby in the house or an aged person will suffer a lot due to this.

Now there is another important task that you need to take to maintain the carpets in the house. Over here comes the role of carpet cleaning services in Bangalore. Let’s start as to why you need it?

Restores the original quality of the carpet- Customers are often under the impression that continuous cleaning of the carpets at a frequent interval can hamper the colour, texture and the quality of it. But the cleaning agencies have a different perception. They say that it is mandatory to clean the carpets, and the process of cleaning by them will never hamper the quality of the product.They have experienced people who know all the pros and cons of a good cleaning.

Affordable to all families- The cleaning services charge a very affordable rate which every family can afford at frequent intervals. They also have a package system where prices are much less and include various other services.

Prevents health issues- It is advisable to clean the carpets at regular intervals to prevent health issues. The dust remains underneath which causes health problems for children and aged people especially. The carpet cleaning services in Bangalore makes sure that their service is worthy of every single penny.

Saves your time- For a working couple, it is impossible to take time out for doing work like carpet cleaning. It will become a tedious task which people always want to discard and put it on someone else. The agencies doing carpet cleaning takes the entire load and finishes off work quickly.

Every cleaning agency in Bangalore has introduced carpet cleaning service as an essential part of their work. The agencies offer variable price ranges, offers, and various other benefits. The consumers never before felt the need to hire such service, but in the recent times, it is essential to maintain the look and feel of their newly bought apartment, and so such service is a need and not a
luxury anymore.

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Bangalore’s top 10 cleaning agencies are a must hire for corporates. Why?

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Just as the Corporates allocate funds for motivational speakers to motivate the employees, in the same manner, companies should also think about the cleanliness of the office premises. Verbal communication such as motivation can inspire the employees to work better, but until and unless the work area is neat and clean they won’t find the urge to work.

Here in this blog, we will talk about the top 10 housekeeping services Bangalore, and also tell you that why you should hire them without a second thought?

The top 10 who are rendering the most satisfactory services to only Corporates are
. Cleanpro
. Bro4u
. Zippy Facility management services
. Care n Clean
. Tann Utility Services Private Limited
. Sustain India Management Services Private Limited
. LNR enterprise
. VSV Facility Services and VSV smart clean
. Topline Business Support Solutions Private Limited

Now let’s discuss that why a company should hire them for a consistent period of time?

.Time management- The agencies are highly known for their excellent time management skills. In every office, they maintain this very cautiously, and that is one vital point for them to be the best fit in every corporate house.

.Easy hiring process- There are only three steps involved to start the work. The first is to get in touch with them, then next a representative of the agency will come and visit the site, and finally, the work will begin within a few days.

.Multiple services- The housekeeping services involve multiple types of services like Window and facade cleaning, cleaning of table tops, chairs and desks, dust railings and ledges, vacuuming the carpets and there are more according to clients requirement.

.Flexible mode of payment- The cleaning agencies accept all modes of payment from online to debit card. This flexibility offers different companies to hire them as there come no issues in this process.

The companies which are still working without the assistance of the top 10 housekeeping services Bangalore, it’s time that they consult anyone among the top 10 mentioned above, and get the work done.

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Why work environment in an office is directly proportional to cleanliness?

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The servicing industry is currently booming in Bangalore city. From food delivery to facade cleaning services in Bangalore, all are making a steady growth in business by delivering a satisfactory result.

The work environment in an office is directly proportional to cleanliness. An office floor needs to be clean to enhance the productivity of the employees.
Let us now focus on how cleanliness is directly proportional to a productive working environment.

How clean environment can alter a work environment?
. Enhanced work productivity- A clean office floor helps to improve the work efficiency of employees. People feel the urge to work more and perform better. A cluttered floor is not at all feasible for good work.
.Proper time management at work- No employees wish to work on a floor which is not clean, and they lose out their time management sense at an office. People come late as they don’t feel to stay for a longer time at the office.
.Affects the brand image- A brand image is not always product centric or gets created through advertising. An excellent work environment is equally responsible to create brand recognition. A company making big investments in commercials cannot ignore the office floors without maintenance.
.Frequent client visits- Clients often visit an office to discuss work, but if the environment is untidy then even a client may refuse to come down, and in that case, a company may lose out a contract.

Well, all these points are hypothetical in nature and have a high chance of taking place. All companies know the importance of regular cleaning, and therefore facade cleaning services in Bangalore is never running short of clients. They are always engaged in serving different office with services like facade cleaning, pest control cleaning etc.

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Zippy Facility Management Services being featured in “The Hindu” newspaper.

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Zippy  being featured in “The Hindu #newspaper. One of the young company who is just 18 months old are having a team of 100+and helping companies to maintain clean office spaces trough their facility management service.

Zippy Provides:










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Why does everybody need commercial cleaning services?

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To ensure that your business area remains clean it is mandatory to hire a commercial cleaning service.  Be it an office, a hotel or any other institution cleanliness is the prime factor behind all your success.  A dirty area can invariably ruin your business activities in no time.

The first impression is definitely the last and final impression- A client takes less than a minute to look for an alternative.  Apart from your strategies, public relations skills and other elements make sure to keep your office space tidy. You may call up your client for a project brief and unfortunately, your office floor is not organized, there are high chances to lose that account.

Here comes the need of hiring a commercial cleaning service agency that will do a routine cleaning work.  These agencies use modern machinery to complete a bigger task in a less time.

To enhance the productivity of the employees- A clean office environment will invariably produce a higher employee satisfaction.  No one would be interested to work in a complete cluttered environment.  This leads to stress, fatigue and builds up an uncanny ambience. Always keep your office floor clean to enhance work productivity and keep the freshness alive till long hours.

The commercial cleaning service agencies provide various range of cleaning services for commercial organizations like window and façade cleaning, removal of cobwebs, mopping floors, cleaning bins, replacing liners etc.

Extend the life of equipment- Your office may have costly technical equipment which are put to regular use for work. An untidy office will affect those things and decline its lifespan.  Be very particular to keep your equipment in a proper manner so that it functions without any disruptions.

A commercial cleaning service makes sure that your entire workplace remains spotless and no harm is caused to any man or machine.

In the recent years, there are various agencies catering to such services and companies are making the best use of it.


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Commercial Cleaning Services in Banglore

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What is so productive about commercial cleaning services? Read below to know more.

Hygiene is a very important factor that should be taken care at every point of time. Be it a domestic household or a commercial space everywhere it adds a great value.
The city Bangalore has various agencies which are working to keep your environment clean and clear. Be it an office or a departmental store everywhere proper cleaning over a frequent interval is a necessity.
Here we will be talking about the concept of commercial cleaning at various offices. Mostly every office in Bangalore hires the cleaning services to keep its environment better and eco-friendly.
Why do you need a cleaning service for your office space?
• The primary reason is to enhance work productivity. Employees who are working for more than ten hours cannot afford to stay in a place which is unhygienic. The company should keep the floor clean and tidy so that work continues with the same enthusiasm and creates a better result.
• Maintaining the image- For an organization, it is very important to maintain its image. Clients may visit the office anytime or some other resourceful individual. And for this, both the interior and the exterior should look good. The office floor should be cleaned on a daily basis so that no negative impression leaves a mark.
• Hygiene- For every company employees are an asset. Their health is equally important so that business can get better. Always keep your office floor hygienic so that diseases cannot get spread. Well, primarily these are the reasons behind hiring commercial cleaning services Bangalore. The agencies give the best output in cleaning the office environment. With time things have changed and better equipment are used for cleaning. The people working in these agencies are well experienced and do the work in a very short span of time. A team is allotted in every project which gives the best productivity at work.
Some of the services that every cleaning agency are providing in the commercial sector are
• Housekeeping and cleaning service
• Façade cleaning
• Pest control cleaning
• Painting services
The clean and green office environment is now the main motto of all the companies and due to this the concept of commercial cleaning services Bangalore is highly demanding in the city.

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Why corporates are in read need of housekeeping services?

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There is no dearth of any kind of services in Bangalore. From grocery to housekeeping everything is available for the people. One can enjoy the sheer benefit of different services at any time of the day.
The concept of Commercial Service is equally important in the city. All the big companies operating here are in real need of proper housekeeping services.
The primary factor in every work place is the environment. It has to be clean and vibrant so that work productivity gets better. Employees can work harder only if the place permits them to do so. Corporate housekeeping services in Bangalore are now adopted by many companies in the city. This is one such domain of servicing which involves a lot of tasks like
• Window and faced cleaning
• Removal of cobwebs
• Cleaning all the furniture, shelves and other miscellaneous items.
• Industrial cleaning
• Floor cleaning
• Wash room cleaning
• And various other things according to the need.
As said before that it is important to maintain the hygiene and atmosphere of any office space. It should be very much organized and for that routine cleaning is mandatory. All the corporate housekeeping services in Bangalore know how to work out things for their clients.
There is a big team allocated to undergo different kinds of work inside an office. The best part about these cleaning services is the use of machinery. Different kinds of cleaning machines are used apart from vacuum cleaner which is a common one. This makes the work faster and easier. The housekeeping team also plays a major role in conducting the cleaning services. Experience and skilled people are hired so that they can complete more work in a less time.
Every corporate house gives extra attention to cleanliness as they believe that all good work has its
inception from a healthy environment.

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Bangalore Bouldering Championship 2017 held at Koramangala Indoor Stadium Cleaning Services

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Bangalore Bouldering Championship 2017 held at Koramangala Indoor Stadium was filled with water due to heavy rains on Thursday. The Zippy team came forward and #cleaned up the entire stadium on Friday morning before the commencement of the program.

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